Sweet Corner 甜心先生

Sweet Corner (甜心先生) is a cooking programme that started in 2010 aired on TVB in Hong Kong, or The Chinese Channel over in the UK here. (Unfortunately, this series is only available in Cantonese.)

The first 14 episodes were taught by Tong Wong (黃耀文) and then onwards is taught by Thomas Lui (呂德輝) with a different female celebrity working along side them as their assistant.

One of the desserts I definately will have to try out and make is the Green Tea Fraisier.

You can imagine the slight sourness from the strawberries with the slightly bitter green tea toning down the sweetness from the cream, making the whole dessert every easy to eat. I could see myself eating many slices at once!

This dessert was taught by the first chef, Tong Wong, which I think is the better of the two. His recipes are much easier with less steps. Thomas Lui’s desserts are more complex and are those that you could imagine at posh restaurants.

Some of Thomas Lui’s desserts include Peanut and Caramel Mousse with Vanilla Cremeux and Chocolate Ribbon, and Raspberry Panna Cotta with Fruit Skewers, Pineapple Salad and Coconut Foam.

I think they need a 為食台 (Foody Channel) as one of the channels on The Chinese Channel in the UK too, I would be glued to it!

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